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Well Woman Care
Frequently Asked Questions
Well woman care is key to health management and disease detection and prevention throughout your life. The well woman exam is a good time for your health care provider to screen you for potential reproductive health problems, to answer your questions, and to discuss your concerns.

The well woman exam typically includes:

Basic History and Physical.
Your health care provider will ask you a few questions about your sexual, medical, and family history and then will perform a very basic physical exam to check your overall health. It includes measurement of weight and blood pressure, as they can influence menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and contraceptive or hormone replacement choices.

Review of medications.
Your health care provide will review your current medications, herbs, and supplements (bring list) and discuss the need for any new or refilled medications.

Breast Exam.
Your health care provider will inspect and press on your breasts and your arm pits while your arms are in various positions.

Pelvic Exam with Pap Test.
Your health care provider will examine your reproductive organs for problems and check you for cervical cancer.

This visit may also include:

Contraceptive Counseling.
You can discuss what, if any, contraceptives you wish to use.

Menopause and Midlife Counseling.
If you are over age 45 or having perimenopausal symptoms, your health care provider should discuss the risks and benefits of your using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to restore the estrogen and progesterone that decrease toward menopause. He or she should also discuss lifestyle habits that affect the perimenopause transition period.

Laboratory testing.
Standard urine and blood screens may be done.
If you have any questions or wish to schedule a visit, please make an appointment by calling 614-268-8800.
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