Lab Department


What does the Lab Department do?

The lab department at PWHealth manages all the pap smears, mammography, blood work, cultures, and others items that are sent to the lab. Someone from our lab department is available Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:30pm to answer your questions.


How is billing for lab work handled?

Quest Diagnostics

We have an exclusive contract with Quest Diagnostics for all laboratory processing. Please verify with your insurance that Quest Diagnostics is in your network.


When will I get my Lab results including my pap smear and mammogram results?

To obtain your results please login to your mychart account. If you have not set up your mychart please call the office to have an email invitation sent to you.  All of your lab results will be available on your mychart account. Please be aware some results are released automatically. Please allow providers at least 48 hours to update your results with a result note.


What about my obstetrical blood work?

First OB blood work:

The blood work done at your initial visit takes two days for us to receive the results. All normal results will be given to you at the next visit. A nurse will call any abnormal results to you.


AFP (Alpha Fetal Protein):

These results take 5-7 days for us to receive. Our office will contact you with normal and abnormal results.


Glucose and Hemoglobin:

These test results will be available within 2-4 business days. Your results will be posted to your MyChart. Please call in and speak to a nurse if you have any questions regarding these results.



These results can take up to 14 working days to receive.  You will be notified of both Normal and Abnormal results as soon as your provider reviews them.


Group B Beta Strep:

This tests takes two days for the results to be given to our office. You will be notified at your next appointment of normal and abnormal results.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.