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What Is Childbirth Education?

Childbirth education at Professionals for Women's Health helps you and your partner have a happier and healthier pregnancy and delivery. While some people are at first reluctant to attend childbirth classes, most find that they enjoy these classes a great deal.

Multiple organizations offer a wide variety of courses, including classes for those who know that they are having a C-section. We strongly urge all patients to attend one or more of these courses in Columbus, OH or the surrounding area. Please sign up early, because these classes are very popular and fill up quickly.

Do I Need Anesthesia During ChildBirth?

Many women need some form of pain relief during the stages of labor and delivery, especially with the first baby. Childbirth education training allows you to minimize the amount of medication that you require, but often it is necessary to use some medication. If used judiciously, most forms of anesthesia are safe for you and your baby.

If you need only a little help during labor, we recommend small doses of Nubain, which is a narcotic. If you need more relief, we often recommend an epidural block. We do not use “twilight sleep” anesthesia and almost never use general anesthesia for vaginal delivery.

If you deliver your baby by Cesarean section, we prefer epidural or spinal anesthesia. In emergencies and with certain complications of pregnancy, general anesthesia may be preferable.

How Can Electronic Fetal Monitors Help Me?

We believe that electronic fetal monitors are helpful in ensuring an optimal outcome of pregnancy and childbirth, especially in high-risk pregnancies. Many couples find that the monitor is reassuring, and some use it to assist them with their Lamaze breathing techniques. Depending on the patient, internal or external monitors may be used.

When Should I Call?


Call us when your contractions are approximately 5 to 6 minutes apart and last at least 60 seconds. If you are less than 32 weeks pregnant, call us if you have contractions, because you may be in premature labor.

Ruptured Membranes

Call us if your water breaks, even if you are leaking only a small amount of amniotic fluid.

Labor and delivery FAQ

What does a contraction feel like?
A contraction feels like a tightening in your uterus that starts at the top and then radiates down to the bottom. It will feel like your whole uterus is hardening and contracting. Pain ranges from mild to moderate and may last about 60 seconds. Some women may feel a sense of pressure in their backs or pelvis in addition to the contraction.

Will I have a vaginal birth or cesarean section?
The answer depends on the size and position of your baby, your pelvic anatomy, whether you had a cesarean section previously, and if any complications arise during labor. Professionals for Women's Health can review both options during an appointment and help you make the best decision for you and your baby.

Why choose us for childbirth and pregancy?
We understand that labor and delivery can be a very emotional time for you and your family. Our team is comprised of expert OB/GYNs and more who specialize in caring for women during every stage of their lives. From your first gynecologic visit through delivery and postpartum care, our providers in Columbus, OH, offer comprehensive, compassionate services.

Does Professionals for Women's Health offer care for patients desiring a delivery at home?
We do not offer care for patients pursuing a home birth. We feel very strongly that the safest place for patients to delivery is in the hospital setting.  We make every attempt to honor a couple's birth plan.  We encourage our patients to discuss their birth plan with one of our providers throughout their pregnancy. It is our goal, as always, to help our patients have a meaningful, safe, and positive delivery experience. 

How painful is childbirth?
Childbirth pain varies greatly among women. It is often described as intense, involving severe cramping in the abdomen, back, and groin. The level of discomfort is influenced by factors such as the baby's size, position, the mother's pain tolerance, and the type of delivery.

Take the Stress Out of Childbirth

At Professionals for Women's Health, we believe in throrough education throughout the pregnancy process, including delivery. By preparing yourself for your big day, you can alleviate any unnecessary stress and focus entirely on welcoming your new child. Contact our office in Columbus, OH today to schedule a consultation and meet with a member of our expert staff to learn more.

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