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What are lactation & feeding counseling services?

Within the first few weeks of baby's life, you may run into unexpected challenges with pain tolerance, latching, or positioning baby during breastfeeding. For these problems and a whole host of others, many mothers feel self-conscious about their lack of inherent ability to breastfeed. At Professionals for Women's Health, we want to assure you that breastfeeding is a common struggle for mothers and babies and that no concern is too small to bring up. For our Columbus, OH moms who decide they are ready to work with a lactation consultant, we recommend contacting the lactation specialists at your hospital:

  • The Women’s Center at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital: (614) 566.3434
  • OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital Lactation Department: (614) 544.8488
  • St. Ann's Breastfeeding Center: 614-234-MILK (6455).

What are the Benefits of Lactation Services?

We understand that breastfeeding can be a challenging and overwhelming experience for some mothers. A lactation specialist has the training, knowledge, and expertise to help you overcome any issues and successfully nurse your baby. Some benefits of working with a lactation specialist include:

  • Receiving one-on-one support and guidance
  • Learning about the latest research and evidence-based practices
  • Getting help with latch techniques, positioning, pumping, and more
  • Troubleshooting any problems you may be having
  • Finding resources and support groups

Am I A Candidate for Lactation Services?

Ideal candidates for lactation feeding counseling services typically include expectant mothers and breastfeeding mothers seeking guidance and support in their breastfeeding journey. These services are beneficial for first-time mothers or those facing challenges such as latching issues, nipple pain, low milk supply, or concerns about infant weight gain. Additionally, mothers returning to work who wish to continue breastfeeding may seek counseling for guidance on expressing and storing breast milk. Lactation feeding counseling is inclusive, supporting mothers regardless of their breastfeeding goals. It is particularly valuable for those navigating breastfeeding after childbirth, aiming to optimize the breastfeeding experience for both mother and baby.


Breast Pumps & More

Breast pumps are often covered by insurance. The following websites will help you to coordinate getting the prescription to your insurance and getting these supplies covered.

What To Expect After Lactation Services

After utilizing lactation services, mothers can expect to feel more confident and equipped in their breastfeeding journey. The personalized guidance and support from a lactation specialist will help address any initial struggles with latching, pain, or milk supply, leading to a more comfortable and successful breastfeeding experience. Additionally, mothers will have learned valuable techniques for positioning, pumping, and ensuring proper nutrition for their baby. This newfound knowledge and the resources provided by Professionals for Women's Health empowers mothers to navigate breastfeeding challenges with greater ease and assurance, positively impacting both mother and child's well-being.

Lactation services FAQs

Why do some women have trouble breastfeeding?

There are a number of reasons why women may have trouble breastfeeding. Often, it is due to a lack of knowledge or support. Other times, it may be due to a medical condition. Additionally, some women simply do not produce enough milk to feed their babies adequately. Our compassionate team at Professionals for Women's Health is here to help you overcome these challenges and more.

How does a breast pump work?

A breast pump is a device that helps to extract milk from the breasts. It can be used by mothers who are not able to breastfeed directly, or by mothers who want to pump and store milk for later use. Breast pumps work by using suction to draw milk out of the breasts and into a container. Our staff can provide information and guidance on how to use a breast pump effectively.

What does a lactation specialist do?

A lactation specialist is a healthcare professional specially trained to help women with breastfeeding. They provide guidance on everything from how to position your baby for nursing, to dealing with issues like low milk supply. Lactation specialists can be found at many hospitals and birthing centers, as well as at some private practices.

Get help today

If you or a loved one is struggling with the process of lactation and breastfeeding, Professionals for Women's Health is here to help. Contact our Columbus, OH office today to learn more about the many resources and individuals who are ready to assit you. You and your baby will both benefit from our lactation counseling services.

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