The Importance of Well-Woman Care in a Healthy Lifestyle

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A well-woman exam is a comprehensive women’s health care exam that assesses overall health. This is an integral part of preventive care for women as it screens for gynecological diseases and cancers during a pelvic exam, breast exam, and mammogram check. At Professionals for Women’s Health, we recommend that young women in their mid-teens begin having a well-woman exam, and all women over 21 have one every year. A well-woman exam is important as it gives you time to discuss preventive and sexually transmitted disease screening at our Columbus, Dublin, or Westerville, OH offices. We also can make healthy lifestyle suggestions to our patients to help them live the most healthy life possible.

What is included in an annual well-woman exam?

During a well-woman exam at Professionals for Women’s Health, our medical professionals perform these exams during your well-woman care visit:

  • Breast exam: This exam looks for potential abnormal tissue, discharge, or lumps.

  • Pelvic exam: This looks for any abnormalities on the cervix, labia, ovaries, pelvis, uterus, vagina, or vulva.

  • Pap smear: This cervical cancer screening is not always done at every exam but is an important preventive tool conducted every three years.

  • Birth control: For patients interested in birth control, we can discuss options that best protect against pregnancy.

  • Mammogram: Not all of our patients will require one, but our Columbus, OH office does offer mammogram checks to those we recommend screening to.

  • STD testing: This helps us to screen you for potential STD exposure and is an optional portion of your exam.

We want all of our patients to feel comfortable discussing any concerns they may have or any symptoms they are experiencing and concerned about. These symptoms can include spotting between periods, painful sex, discharge, or a lump in the breast.

Preventive care for women

When it comes to women's health care, our team works hard to help our patients to avoid developing cancer or gynecological diseases. This starts with a healthy lifestyle that keeps you feeling healthy as you age. Some lifestyle tips we suggest to our patients throughout Ohio include:

  • Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, or using illegal drugs.

  • Maintain a healthy weight with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

  • Seek help if you feel depressed or experience frequent mood changes.

  • Use birth control when you’re having sex.

  • Protect yourself from STIs by using a condom.

  • Schedule regular exams, tests, and immunizations with all of your doctors, not just ours.

Why are women's health exams important?

Health screening tests are important for everyone as they help detect problems early on when they can be treated most effectively. A well-woman health exam helps detect abnormalities even when symptoms aren’t as clear. This has been proven to save lives.

Learn how a healthy lifestyle can improve your overall health

At Professionals for Women’s Health, we help our female patients keep their overall health at its best. We understand that it can be uncomfortable to have some of these tests or screenings, but they are important for your preventive care. We work hard to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. To schedule a well-woman exam to discuss healthy lifestyle tips, call our Columbus, Dublin, or Westerville, OH office today.

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