What Can A Breast Exam Reveal?

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At Professionals for Women's Health in Columbus, Dublin, and Westerville, OH, a routine breast exam is an essential part of the annual well-woman exam. This exam helps in the early detection of breast abnormalities and conditions, which can be crucial for timely treatment and management. During the exam, healthcare providers at Professionals for Women's Health visually and physically assess the breasts for any signs of lumps, thickening, or changes in the skin or nipples. Understanding what your breasts normally feel and look like can make it easier to notice any unusual changes. Well-woman exams are a proactive way to educate patients on self-examination techniques and breast health awareness.

How often should you get a breast exam?

Health specialists at Professionals for Women's Health recommend that women should get a breast exam as part of their regular health routine. The frequency of these exams can depend on age, family history, and personal health risks. Generally, it is advised to undergo a breast exam once a year as part of the well-woman exam. Discussing your individual health profile with your provider can help determine the best possible schedule for you, ensuring that potential issues are caught early. Staying consistent with these exams is vital to maintaining breast health over the long term.

What can a breast exam reveal?

A breast exam in Columbus, Dublin, or Westerville, OH can be a powerful tool for identifying early signs of breast cancer. It can also reveal benign conditions like cysts or fibroadenomas, which are noncancerous lumps. Besides lumps, a breast exam can detect changes in breast symmetry, nipple discharge that is not milk, and skin changes such as dimpling, puckering, or scaliness. The skilled providers at Professionals for Women's Health are trained to notice these subtle changes and can guide you through the next steps if any abnormalities are found. These exams serve as a baseline for tracking changes over time, which is critical for early detection strategies.

What happens if something unusual is found during a breast exam?

Discovering an abnormality during a breast exam can be alarming, but it is important to remember that not all findings are cancerous. If something unusual is found during your exam, further diagnostic tests such as a mammogram or ultrasound might be recommended. Our doctors will provide compassionate care and detailed information about possible conditions, ensuring you understand all your options for follow-up and treatment. They will also support you in managing your emotional response to such findings, emphasizing the importance of careful evaluation and not jumping to conclusions.

Schedule your next well-woman exam

Staying on top of your health is crucial, and scheduling your next well-woman exam at one of our practices in Columbus, Dublin, or Westerville, OH, is a great step toward maintaining your well-being. To book your appointment, visit our website or contact our office directly. We are committed to providing comprehensive care and ensuring your health needs are met throughout every stage of life. Remember, regular health checks, like breast exams, are essential to the early detection and effective management of health issues. Take action today to protect your health tomorrow, and empower yourself with knowledge and resources available at Professionals for Women's Health.

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