Information About Cord Blood Banking

One of the most important birth options available to you is the preservation of your baby’s umbilical cord blood. Even if you have read about or considered cord blood preservation with a past pregnancy, it is likely that the value of stem cells has significantly increased since then. Cord blood is the blood that remains in the umbilical cord after your baby has been delivered and the cord has been cut. The collection procedure is of no risk to the mother or newborn. Cord blood is a rich source of stem cells, which are used in many lifesaving medical treatments today. Additionally, stem cells are showing promise in the treatment of brain injury, cerebral palsy and Type 1 diabetes.

Benefits of Cord Blood Stem Cell Preservation

Before your 28 week glucose visit, we request that you view a short educational video on the subject of cord blood banking. This animated presentation lasts approximately 10 minutes and is designed to inform you of the benefits of cord blood stem cell preservation. Upon return to the office to discuss the results of your glucose test at 28 weeks, you will be asked to sign a form, confirming that you’ve reviewed the presentation.

We're Here to Help with Questions or Concerns

This is an important decision for you and your family to consider, so we encourage you to watch this video with your loved ones. There is only one opportunity at the time your baby delivers to collect their cord blood. We want you to be well informed about your options so we are here to assist you with additional questions.

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